Persuasive Essay: The Effects Of Testing On Animals

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Voice for Animals
I want you to know that the public are being lied to about the effects of testing products on animals. I think you need to know that everyday products are being used to torture innocent animals. I know that if the nation had all of the information they would join my fight against the horror that is animal testing! Sign up to the ‘Voice for Animals’ protest march today!
We need to stop makeup, cleaning products, medicine and all other chemical based products being tested on animals not only because it is horrendously cruel but there is also a huge amount of money that is wasted in the process of testing. According to most statistics, human results only agree 5-25 percent of the time which means that the process of animal testing is practically pointless as the results hardly ever benefit our knowledge of how to improve the products
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Large conglomerates such as Proctor and Gamble manipulate the law for their own profit just to make another washing up liquid with a new name that has some point burned out the eyes of a tiny abused animal. How can you ignore this?
Sadistic companies that prey on the weak and defenceless animals treat them like objects, things that they can control and manipulate for their own benefit. Well I ask you know to join me, take a stand and give them a taste of their own poison. This week join up to the ‘Voice for Animals’ protest march in London. Join the army for Animal Rights and bring an end to this mindless, archaic form of torture.
Animals of the world need your voice. They cannot refuse when they are stuck in tiny containers, they cannot ask for help when they are forced to vomit, they cannot cry for help when acidic products are poured into their eyes and they cannot scream in terror when yet another poison is injected under their sore, bruised skin, but you
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