Persuasive Essay: The Ethics Of Euthanasia

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How does it feel to see someone whom you love so much suffer? What would you do when you know that the only way to end their pain is to put them to sleep? Is it right to take someone else’s life? On the other hand, it is wrong to end their suffering? Many complications in the act of performing euthanasia have created conflicts between an individual’s value and principle towards ethics. Imagine a premature baby whom you love so deeply, was born unfortunately with a congenital heart defect (a hole in the heart). Moreover, the doctors declared that the chance of the baby’s survival over twenty months is almost impossible. This is where the taking the pathway to euthanasia becomes a serious matter. The end of the road for the baby is inevitably…show more content…
When we are cut, our capillaries seal shut, our blood clots, and fibrogen is produced to start the process of healing the wound (qtd. in Williams 156). Euthanasia goes against this natural tendency of survival. If our bodies have the inclination to choose life, by all means we should also have the determination to stay alive. Critics say that acts of voluntary euthanasia is an act of self-interest because they choose to give up on life Therefore, it is a wrongful way of destroying life. It is morally wrong to carry out euthanasia because it violates our humanistic characters. In addition, suggests us to see others or ourselves as something unworthy. Besides the natural law ethics, isn’t it a duty for doctors and nurses to have determination upon saving the lives of their patients? They might say that the process of curing them is really doing more harm than healing. So why not let them go the painless way? Some would argue that euthanasia is wrong because the doctors are abandoning the patients. The purpose of medicine is to save lives, not terminate to them. If the doctors abandon their patients, and suggest euthanasia, they are simply ruling out possibilities for a discovering a new cure or for miracle cures to happen (Thiroux,

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