Is Euthanasia Wrong

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How does it feel to see someone whom you love so much suffer? What would you do when you know that the only way to end their pain is to put them to sleep? Is it right to take someone else’s life? On the other hand, it is wrong to end their suffering? Many complications in the act of performing euthanasia have created conflicts between an individual’s value and principle towards ethics. Imagine a premature baby whom you love so deeply, was born unfortunately with a congenital heart defect (a hole in the heart). Moreover, the doctors declared that the chance of the baby’s survival over twenty months is almost impossible. This is where the taking the pathway to euthanasia becomes a serious matter. The end of the road for the baby is inevitably…show more content…
“Mercy death”, also known as assisted suicide involves a voluntary request from a dying patient. Therefore, direct action is taken to “ put them out of misery”. Assisted suicide is legal only in a few states in the United States of America; such as the state of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico. This is also categorized as voluntary euthanasia. On the other hand, “mercy killing” is the total opposite. It is when an action is taken upon the terminally ill patient without any consent or agreement. Mercy killing is illegal in all of the states of America and also most of all the countries around the world. Mercy killing is also called involuntary euthanasia. Both mercy killing and mercy death (assisted suicide) are forms of active euthanasia as it includes taking an action to end a patient’s life with intentions. Some philosophers would agree that ending a person’s suffering quickly is better than letting them die a long and painful…show more content…
The process of dying is still part of life. Therefore, a person should be allowed to die with dignity. Everyone has an individual right to live and die. If a terminally ill patient whom is in so much pain and suffering has a desire to die, the society should respect that decision as they have the right over their own lives. In this case, there will be safeguards involved such as a counselling session. It is immoral to force someone to endure living in pain. It disregards his or her personal freedom to do whatever he or she wants to his or her own
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