Should Animals Be Killed By Harsh Chemicals?

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For how long will we let innocent animals be tortured by harsh chemicals? Right now there are about 100 million animals around the world that are being tested on in a laboratory. Animal testing is a serious issue that needs to be stopped. Animals are having harsh chemicals from household products being tested on them, and it causes an enormous amount of pain and suffering to these poor animals. This pain needs to end, and only we can end it. Most of the tests performed on animals are not even effective on humans because of our different anatomies. There may be animals, such as monkeys, that are similar to the human anatomy. But having a similar anatomy does not mean that the reactions to these chemicals will be the same. Pain is expressed in different ways, an animal might be able to handle the pain being caused to them but a human may not, our bodies will react…show more content…
They can feel all of the pain being caused to them, and humans don’t know that pain because we don’t have to go through it, we don’t have to feel it. Or see it. If the consumers saw what was happening to these poor animals, they would think twice about buying the products that test on animals. There are many people standing up and fighting against animal testing, people whom all of us look up to. Paul McCartney is one of those people, and he stands up and fights for these poor animals being used to test chemicals. He agrees that the consumers of these products would not buy them if they saw what was happening to animals for that product to be on the shelves. Paul McCartney(2017) once said that “If every cosmetic tested on rabbits or mice had a photo on the packaging showing these animals with weeping swollen eyes and inflamed skin, I believe everyone would leave cruelty on the shelf.”(para.2). These animals do not deserve to live a life full of pain and die in pain from these tests. It is immoral, and
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