Persuasive Essay: The Grades Pay In College

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The Grades Pay Once in college, you must be careful not to fall into more relaxed study patterns and habits. Many new college students make this mistake every year. There is no one there to make you do the work accept for yourself. It may be hard to choose to stare at a book for hours on end, over the next party of the century, but that is exactly what you need to do. If you put forth the effort to maintain a high GPA right from the start, you will see many benefits now, as well as in the future. You will receive many benefits right away if you maintain a high GPA. Your instructors will be more willing to work with you if you are putting forth your best effort. They will answer your questions more promptly, taking you more seriously. With…show more content…
Everything you do through college can be a stepping-stone towards your future career. When making decisions, you should always consider how it would look to a potential employer. A higher GPA will pay off in many ways. When you include your transcripts as part of your resume, your potential employer will see your grades. This will show that you are willing to put forth the effort necessary to succeed; that you care about your future and being successful. You will also be able to list awards and scholarships that you received while in college. You will also be able to use instructors as references. April Silverthorn puts it best in The Nine Greatest Myths Plaguing Students and New Professionals, “Your GPA is very important as you make the transition into a career. As a new professional with little else to go off of, what you achieved while in college is critical to prove your value to prospective employers. Therefore, your education has to showcase your ability to learn and succeed. The addition of a great GPA to your résumé will help to show those prospective employers that you 're worth their attention” (Silverthorn). When you apply for a job, you are selling yourself. Having a higher GPA will provide many opportunities that will become selling points to add to your resume. These are what an employer uses to make their hiring decisions. You will find that your GPA will make all the difference when starting your
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