Persuasive Essay: The Great Gatsby

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Persuasive Essay
I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, results will come. -Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has always been a hard-working person in the game of basketball and in his life. He has as been inspiring lots of people around the world and he respects hard-working people. If everybody in the NBA got a trophy for participation, Michael Jordan’s success wouldn’t be as valuable as it is now. Not everyone should get a trophy because they won’t learn the value of earning your achievements, and they will not grow.

Athletes practice and work for about 45 hours a week, now that’s impressive. Working hard is a trait young kids should want to do. According to “Should Everyone Get a Trophy?” by Lauren Tarshis, a boy named Lucas at the age of 12 has a lot of trophies and has admitted that he didn’t exactly earn these trophies for his athletic skill. Young athletes aren’t going to learn, value, and grow by playing sports the real way, not to earn trophies but to win/have fun and be a good teammate. Kids shouldn’t get trophies for everything because athletes contribute their lives in sports and yet they haven’t gotten trophy. 57% of Americans say only kids who win should get trophies. The other 43% think that it’s not only about winning but being a good teammate. Additionally, Michael Jordan has said that
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Sports are used to grow from the basic skills you already have, if they’re just using the sport for trophies, what’s the point. For example, basketball has tons of skills to learn such as sportsmanship, being a good teammate, and not hogging the ball. What’s the point of going in a sport if it’s just to get trophies, according to CNN kids shouldn’t get trophies for everything. The pros about giving a young athlete a trophy is making them happy and proud. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” -Tim Notke. It’s better to work hard then have
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