Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Decisions In My Life

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“You will recognize your own path when you come upon it, because you will suddenly have all the energy and imagination you will ever need”. Finding and choosing your destiny or career while you’re growing up is hard especially when people have certain expectations of you. My mom put in me to choose something that would make me happy because I would have to live with It forever nobody else would and making certain decisions either good or bad can have a great effect in my future. Choosing a path that makes you happy is hard to find but with the help of people around you it can make things easier but it can also make it harder. There are so many choices in life you have to make that can make you or break you. For example I feel like I have to get a really good career where I’m going to be able to make enough money to support my parents when they get older so they don’t have to worry about…show more content…
Being young and being stuck between a teenager and an adult can make it very difficult on the way you see life. For example sometimes in my house I’m expected to be and adult and make hard decisions but when I try acting like an adult I get told I’m not old enough to make decisions on my own I’m kind of treated like a 5 year old. When I try acting like a 5 year old I get told to act my age and to stop whining because that’s how life is. Sometimes life has its up and downs and were not always going to get what we want. Everyone tells me to enjoy my life while I can and to be thankful that I have my parents and that they support me with most of the things I do. Having my parents and them supporting me financially without me having to work and just focus on school it’s a great blessing that most people don’t get. Life can be difficult at times and it can bring you down but you get to pick if you stay down or get back up. Things that are hard are the things that shape you for your future. The future is your

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