Persuasive Essay: The Increase In College Tuition

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Increase In College tuition
“Given the best of all possible worlds, I would make a few changes. I would place emphasis on increasing the amount of funding that goes into programs like Pell Grants, that purely and simply award funds to students who really cannot afford full tuition” (Vest). In this world their are so many American students that do not have the money for college, so they settle for low paying jobs for example fast food restaurants and Nursery workers. Almost all these jobs are minimum wage these type of jobs do not require and type of special training because it’s just a JOB. There are so many American students that don’t have the opportunity to go to college because of many issues, but the main issue of students not being able
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It is unbelievable on how high the college tuition has increased, the rates in percentages have gone up fairly quickly, it is also unbelievable on how the increase in college tuition can impact high school students career by just simply saying that the are not going to college because it is way to expensive for their budget. No matter what college tuition is going to continue to raise if the Federal Government and Congressional leaders do not take more action into helping out students and families who need help with paying off college tuition and college debts and cost. Although the government does help families that are in need of financial aid to send their kids to college, there are many solutions into helping the college tuition decrease or at least expensive like having the Federal Government and Congressional Leaders have action and impact the decrease in the tuition, Students can also get scholarships and lastly there are many different groups that can help out with paying off college tuitions. The college tuition has raised drastically from the years of 1974 to 2015 the tuition has gone up by 1%, it is just 1% but one percent is a very large number when it comes to paying off college tuition
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