Persuasive Essay: The Influence Of Animal Testing On Animals

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Makeup companies should not be granted permission to test on animals. Cosmetic companies continue to test makeup on many different animals all over the world. Although cosmetic testing is banned in a few countries, most major countries continue to test products on animals. There are much more beneficial ways to ensure that makeup products are safe to use. Makeup companies waste time and money into animal testing. Mainly, animal testing harms animals and occasionally kills them.

There are many other beneficial ways to test makeup products, alternative testing methods involve human blood cell lines, and computers that can test the safety of makeup products. Advanced computers are able to replicate aspects of human organs and, test the toxicity of substances without complex experiments on animals. Scientists have also been able to grow cells into 3D structures,
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Some makeup companies use the Draize test , which consists of dripping a substance called toluene into rabbits eyes. This can cause pain and in a few cases blindness. Given these scientific advances, there is no reason that these products cannot be safe and humane too. It is estimated that around 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die each year just for cosmetics all over the world. Many different species of animal are used for animal testing some common ones include mice, fish, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

One of the reasons why some people believe that animal testing is beneficial is because it uses animals that are a close match to humans, this however is not true. Animal cell structures and human cell structures are not alike, and therefore animals make poor test subjects. The majority of animal tests do not contribute to safer makeup products. Animal testing does not have a value in reassuring the safety of makeup products and it has been proven that computers and new modern technology can be more
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