Why Guns Should Be Banned

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The topic of gun control is becoming a bigger problem everyday in this world, and some people say we should take away all the guns and then we will be safe. Some people are also saying no, we need to hunt or we should be able to protect ourselves from intruders and such. The way guns have been getting distributed around the world, it is almost impossible to collect all the guns in the world. By everyone having a gun to protect themselves I fell will almost be as dangerous as a person who knows how to use a gun have a gun. There are so many different reasons why people want guns in this world. One of them is to protect themselves from intruders or if they are getting attacked. But, if we let everyone have a gun that will be just as dangerous as a professional with a gun. A professional will know when to use a gun but if just some random guy gets a gun he will use it at the wrong times and the wrong places. They also say we should have them for hunting, which I believe they should have them for hunting but, I think they should only use it for hunting. So, when hunting seasons over I think they should be able to take it back and then get it back the following…show more content…
The reason why I believe in this is because there has been so many attacks with guns that are just devastating. Families, friends and community’s are getting torn apart because of some of these attacks. With guns we can actually do something about them, we can ban them unlike cars and airplanes. We cannot ban cars or airplanes because they are used millions of times a day but, do people really need to use a gun everyday? With guns people can injure other people in matters of seconds and people can’t do anything about it but with cars people can react in time and move out of the way. If the government wants to make the guns extremely hard to get that's fine but, make sure that the gun will be used
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