Persuasive Essay: The Minimum Wage Debate

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The Minimum Wage Debate
Raising the minimum wage would strengthen the economy and help lift the working family. Anyone who works a full time job, which pays minimum wage, should be capable of supporting themselves and their families. Single parents do not always have the resources or finances to get childcare beyond their child’s school day, which makes it hard for them to work beyond their child’s school day hours. There is also the issue of the extra financial burden placed on them to pay for childcare. In today’s society, there should be an opportunity to be able to support yourself and your family, financially, if you are willing and able to work a full workweek or more.

Since a call to action by President Obama in 2013, there has been 17 states and Washington DC that have passed law to raise the minimum wage. Some cities and counties have also joined in by passing minimum wage laws. The average full time minimum wage worker makes approximately $14,500 a year, for a family trying to make ends meet, this is well below the poverty level. Opponents of these laws claim that with a minimum wage increase that everything else will go up in price. They also claim that people working in certain fields do not deserve to make as much as someone who perhaps has went to college to land a $15.00 an hour job. (“Raise the Wage”, n.d.). That maybe true, but anyone who is willing to work for a living, should …show more content…

When earning more money we are more inclined to spend more, which means pouring more money into the economy. On the other hand, those who oppose a minimum wage increase argue that a higher minimum wage would be such a burden to employers, especially small businesses. However, a resent study by the Federal reserve bank of Chicago has shown that those households who received an increase in minimum wage spend on average of $700.00 more per quarter. (Sarah Shemkus,

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