Persuasive Essay: The Need To Donating Organs

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How do you feel when you wait for something that you really, really want? What if it was something you literally can’t live without? A lot of people think that donating organs is a difficult task to accomplish. And it is. But just thinking that it may save a person’s life is a good feeling. The need is constantly increasing for organ donors. According to, “the government gateway for information on donation, 18 people die in the United States each day waiting for an organ”. To reduce this number, any healthy person can donate but they have to choose if they want to or not because the person shouldn’t be forced to do it. Donating an organ isn’t something easy, and the people who donate shouldn’t be called organ donators but should…show more content…
In New York State, someone dies every 15 hours waiting for an organ transplant.”
It is always difficult to lose a loved one. Many mourning families of organ donors can take comfort in the fact that their loss may help to save or improve the lives of others. For some, organs transplant means no longer having to be dependent on costly routine treatments to survive. It allows many recipients to return to a normal lifestyle. For others, an eye or tissue transplant means the ability to see again or the recovery of mobility and freedom from pain. “We are born with the ability to change someone’s life don’t waste it”

Austin Flores knew how to make others laugh. His witty and likable personality drew people to him, and he was always surrounded by family and friends. He also believed in helping others, which is something that he was able to do in November 2011. The Flores family received a phone call that no one ever wants to get. At 3:30 AM, Austin’s mother, Debra, answered the phone and her life was changed forever. She was told that Austin had been in a terrible car accident and had suffered severe head trauma. The family raced to the hospital and waited. After 14 days in a coma, the sad reality became apparent that their son passed

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