Stop Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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26 million animals are killed each year by animal testing. It is dangerous for the animals and it can make animals extinct. If you test animals it also could put you in danger they were to go crazy after you put something in them and it were to affect them badly, then it might kill you or them. If it is meant to help the animal, and nothing bad happens to the human then they can put it in the animal. this need to stop animals don 't have a voice they can 't say stop that hurts they can 't say what wrong with them. If they were to test it on themselves then we can test animals but it doesn 't give them permission and if they were willing to put it in themselves then they wouldn 't need to test it on the animals.
Too many animals are dying
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Then we send it in tho get the law signed and they had 350,000 many trails to stop this and i feel we should just get a law and if people are caught harming an animal they need to pay and go to jail for 2 year i know it might seem like a lot but if they are harming animals they might be harming kid their kid or just other kids. If we stop the animal testing we stop animal abuse and child abuse.
If we cut off all their ways to get the stuff they need like serums and testing equipment then they can 't test the animals and if we get the law passed then they can go into the places and take all of their equipment and then we can make sure that people stop animal testing. So if we get ride for the stuff and supplies they won 't be able to harm them ever again. If they don 't stop and they continue they can soon kill it all living.
That is why we need to stop the animal testing. To many animals are at risk of dieing because of the testing. If we stop this we can stop more things and then people will understand what the are doing to those poor animals. What I don 't understand is why we can hurt this poor animals that did nothing to us. This are many reasons why we need to stop animals testing. That is why we need to stop it before people get
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