Persuasive Essay: The Negative Consequences Of Bullying

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Every year there are thousands of cases of bullying that are reported. A lot of the time nothing is done. Sometimes the student being bullied commits suicide or shoots up their school. After horrific tales like that happen, a few peers will speak up about how the person was bullied and nothing was done. It happens too often. If schools were responsible, it would probably happen less frequently. Due to the previously mentioned cases, I feel that schools should be held responsible when bullying is so out of hand and nothing was done to stop or prevent it. In today’s world there is so much access to everyone around you. That means it is also easier to attack somebody. A look through an enemies social media account can bring light to a child's insecurities. The next day they can fall victim to bullying. The bullying can escalate as time passes. Teachers do hear gossip, but might unwisely choose not to get the…show more content…
People who have been bullied can start abusing drugs and develop mental health disorders. Kids who are bystanders to bullying miss or skip out on school because they don’t want to be targeted or involved in any way. Bullying is also linked to some cases of suicide (“Effects of Bullying”). Many people have different opinions on bullying. Some aren’t sure what bullying means. “Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time” (“Effects of Bullying”). There are multiple types of bullying. One type of bullying is verbal bullying. Verbal bullying means saying rude things that people take offense to. Another type of bullying is social bullying. Social bullying is intentionally hurting someone’s relationships with others. The last type of bullying is physical bullying. Physical bullying is hurting (physically striking) someone or their possessions on purpose (“Effects of

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