Persuasive Essay: The Positive Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Almost all of the people in the world are self-consicous about their bodies and think, if they were be the person who does not have the features that they do not desire on their bodies and do not include the imperfections that are blocking them from living properly, how would it be different. This thought in people’s minds make them think about plastic surgeries and directs people to have some kinds of plastic surgeries which are about the imperfections, anomolies they have been suffering from. On the other hand, plastic surgery has a stigma about changing physical features in body and ruining the sense of the natural beauty among people because of the word it includes in its name ‘plastic’ and the definite bias among the people about plastic…show more content…
Thirdly, one of the most essential points that plastic surgery supports people a lot, is about their job lives and careers, that they want to be more and more successful in over time. As the time passes, business life necessitates people to compare others, which awakens the desire of showing their own differences in about every topic includes beauty as one of the main points to get success’ in their careers and job lives. Therefore, cosmetic surgery actually can help a lot in this position and have positive effects on people’s job interviews and careers. For this reason, in today’s society people have started to show themselves with their most beautiful faces and images while in a job interview or business environment, to create an effective impression on people and be successful in their jobs. Furthermore, physical beauty in business life means to have physical attractiveness and youthfulness that have changed the essential procedures of being taken a job or building a career. In addition, being attractive and seeming young became the indispensable requirements for business life under the name of

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