Persuasive Essay: The Problem Of Bullying In High School

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Imagine this, you 're a high school freshman and it 's your first week of high school. You 're walking through the halls and you accidentally bump into a guy ten times your size. His first reaction is to turn around and give you a scolding look. You say you 're sorry and he just keeps glaring at you. You 're not getting a very good vibe from him so you slowly walk away heading to your next class. Later that day he finds you in the hallway and begins to push you around. He 's calling you names and teasing you, not letting you get away. Later that night he somehow finds your social media account and begins to bug you on there. After the altercation you go to the principal 's office the next day, avoiding the bully in the hallways and tell him everything that happened. You show him the evidence on your phone and he tells you he’ll handle the situation. The principal sits down and talks to the parents and the bully agrees to leave you alone. Bullying can start with one little action, but it can also end with one also. It won’t ever stop unless you do something about it.…show more content…
When being harassed by another student it’s common to feel embarrassed when told you should tell an adult or parent. No one wants to feel like they are different just because someone is making them believe they are, but telling someone is the best solution to stopping the problem. Another solution to prevent bullying is to take action at your high school and address the problems with your principal or administrator. They could help create posters to raise awareness or make stricter rules when it comes to these kind of things. Also, they could have teachers around the hallways or near their classrooms during passing periods looking for problems to solve. When there’s a commotion that dwindles up the teachers will make sure to handle it right away. One last possible resolution is to take things into your own hands and confront the bully themselves. This answer could either have a negative or
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