Persuasive Essay: The Prosecution Of Cyberbullying

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Nathan Welmaker ELA p. 1/2 1/26/16
Prosecution of Cyberbullies

Cyberbullying is explained and illustrated with examples such as writing hurtful comments, posting embarrassing pictures, media fraud, and any time technology is used to harm another person. Right off the bat, cyberbullying has been proved prosecution worthy. Cyberbullying is inescapable, harmful, and common. Opposing views state that “unplugging” is possible but with the reliance on technology it’s nearly impossible.
Firstly, cyberbullying is inescapable. “Children who were victims of bullying in the classroom or on the playground could find peace at home”, states “The Dangers of Cyberbullying” by Brett Warnke, showing how children no longer have peace at home due to cyber bullying. With phones, teens now have carried their bullies in their pocket or purse. The idea of just “unplugging” has been introduced but the ideal use of the phone is to contact parents, friends, and relatives. Society now relies on technology to tell the weather, tell the time, tell the date, and
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With the fact that cyber bullying is inescapable, comes the fact of harm. Bullying leads to depression, which often leads to suicide or self-harm. Source two states, “The idea that hurt feelings justify criminal prosecution… offensive use of the criminal justice system…,” showing how some people believe that cyberbullying results in just hurt feelings. Apparently self-harm and suicide is under the category of “just hurt feelings” for some. Also, apparently the kids that caused the hurt feelings that lead to these horrid responses don’t deserve prosecution. The only way to possibly stop cyberbullying is to educate kids how to deal with it before law enforcements can step in. With the thought of prosecution as a result of bullying online, kids might think twice of whether or not they should send out that mean tweet or type that mean

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