Persuasive Essay: The Reasons Should School Uniforms?

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School uniforms are our signature outfit throughout the 11 years of education. Different types of institution of learning has different designs, government school students wear the same blue pinafore or the olive green long trousers while the private or international school students wear their own represented uniforms. Uniforms play a huge part in our school life, but there is a question arises in the society, should uniforms be mandatory for students in Malaysia? In my opinion, I think wearing a uniform is a better choice, but somehow there are reasons for them to abolish the rule to wear uniform every day as well. First of all, uniforms can save our time in thinking what to wear or which to match. It is important as we are still a school student, we are not supposed to be too committed in our outlooks or the clothes we wear. Time is gold; we are supposed to make good use of our time to pay attention in our studies. Uniforms can also save…show more content…
Students have the freedom to choose what they want to wear because they have the right to show off themselves. Certainly they are students who really take note of their outlooks, it is no right or wrong in image-wise. If students are allowed to wear freely, we get to know their personality by the way they wear. Students can also express their creativity through their clothes as well. For example, the way they match the colours or the way they layer their clothes. Students might feel frustrated if they are required to wear uniforms every day because they do not get to dress up or glam up themselves to school. Sometimes they might think school is boring because everyone looks the same every day, every year. Students think they should have the freedom to express themselves because school is their biggest social area and they should be able to bring up themselves the way they want because they all are different and

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