Persuasive Essay: The Risks Of Fast Food

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Buckley1 Kieren Buckley Ms. Tedesco English 9 22 February 2016 Fast food If you chose your meal from a fast food restaurant wisely, and take your time choosing your meal, it can be healthier than just choosing whatever 's on the menu. There are many fast food restaurants that can be healthier if you choose your meal correctly. There are many restaurants that are healthier than others period. Some of those restaurants are Chipotle, Subway, Panera Bread and also Baja Fresh. So yes, you can eat fast food and still stay healthy. Eating from some types of fast food restaurants are bad for your body, but not for your taste buds.…show more content…
Becoming overweight is the main risk you have to take, the reason why it is called a risk is because it is different for everyone. Not everyone 's body works the same exact way. Getting Diabetes, Heart Diseases, and even being Depressed are some more risks you have to take when choosing fast food over home cooked meals. But developing these risks are from becoming overweight, but fast food can lead to overweight, so it is not fully fast food 's fault, there are tons if other ways become overweight. Fast food Addictions start when you continuously consume fast food. When you stop or go without the fast food for a long period of time your body is telling you that you need the food,

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