Persuasive Essay: The Role Of Animal Testing In The World

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Animal Testing has been a very controversial topic for decades. Throughout history, animal testing has played a major role in leading to many new medicines and discoveries. Most of the world participates in these experiments, with the aims of achieving the most modern technologies. Animal testing needs to be continued to advance our science and medicines, and to continue to save millions of lives.
Without animal testing, medicine that we are familiar with today wouldn’t exist. Animal testing has enabled us to find treatments for cancer, infections, for antibiotics, and even for vaccines. For seven years, an epidemic of one of the world’s most feared diseases shattered lives across the entire continent of North America. This killer disease,
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And nearly every Laureate in Physiology or Medicine has relied on animal data for the research. The big question is, if we were to take away the animal testing, and take away what we, and scientist rely so heavily on, where does that leave us? Our technologies, our vaccines, our antibiotics, organ transplants, dialysis, blood transfusions, all nothing, never discovered. The essential need for animal research is recognized and supported by health agencies all over the world. Without it, a big portion of the world population today would not have had the privilege to walk this earth.
In conclusion, we rely extremely heavily on animal testing, most of us more than we know. Even over-the-counter medications that we all commonly take, have been created with the help of animal research. We rely on things every day that animal testing has made possible for us; we have loved ones that wouldn’t be here without it. We would all love to see a day where animal testing is no longer needed, but for now we have it to thank for the millions of lives it has saved, and for enabling us to grow and develop our newest
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