Persuasive Essay: The Role Of Social Promotion In Schools

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Social promotion is the practice of passing students along from grade to grade with their peers even if the students have not satisfied academic requirements or met performance standards at key grades. Many people think that this wrong but I disagree with that because many kids that held back either drop out of school, are being bullyed and even have insecurity problems. These problems all can be avoid by just one simple action Social promotion.
Most states that don’t believe in social promotion have a high dropout rate and this is because once a kid gets held back they start to lack in school and start not to care any more once they get retained. Once kids drop out of school they have basicly gave have half of there life up cause education is the key to success and kids dropping out is not a good at all. This is why I believe
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Bullying is a very serious issue when it comes to kids because it can lead to many different negative things. Kids will bully each other just because someones too old to be in there grade with them and that a very bad effect on how kids learn this is also another reason why social promotion should be allowed.
Kids build many insecurity’s over time after they have been retained like not wanting to reveal there real age or talk about when they started school. Most kids start start to feel missed placed when there in a class with kids younger than them and that sometime effects how the child is learning thourgh the rest of there school life. This is another reason why social promotion is a good thing to do.
Social promotion has many positive effects on kids and it keeps them more focused because they know they are in there right grade, because with out social promotion kids dropout , get bullyed, and have lots of insecurity problems. This is why I think social promotion is a good thing and should be acceptable all over the world in every
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