Solutions To Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Smoking has been around for way too long. This destructive money making business has caused many deaths, illnesses, and addictions to worse things such as drugs. Even though cigarettes are so harmful to our society and our society is aware, people still choose to let all kinds of weird chemicals that they can't pronounce travel down their throat in which is slowly killing them. On top of all of that, smoking smells bad, can give people second hand grossness, and it causes cancer. But there are solutions to this smoking problem and it's actually pretty simple: We can find healthy alternatives to the smoking addiction and make it illegal. I know healthy alternatives and make smoking against the law might sound like words they have all heard before. "it won't work" or "I can do whatever i want" is what some may think. But is doing what you want worth the risk of hurting your health and other people around you? I think not. Is not smoking not working…show more content…
Once your smoking problem has vanished (if of course you tried), your body will reward you with so many benefits such as: you having a less chance of getting cancer, breathing will be a lot more easy, less chance of dying, and more people will want to be around you since you won't smell like a gas station. But on a real note, smoking can be hard to quit, but if you don't take the steps to stop, you will regret it in the long run. Making sure you go to therapy to find the root of your problem, working out to increase endorphins, and finding what makes you happy would make you feel far more better than smoking. It's important for people to understand that life is worth a lot more than smoke, and one cigarette will never be worth the risk of you or someone else's life. People should always be willing to lift someone up so that no one will ever be tempted to buy that white stick called
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