Persuasive Essay: The Use Of Prescription Drugs In Sports

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The usage of prescription drugs in sports is something that is unfair to the athletes who use their authentic talents, and also has devastating effects on the user if the abuse goes on long enough. In this speech, I will discuss how drug usage affects the sports world, what can be done to prevent it and why it is a burden to the sports world. My proposed solution to this issue is a program in which athletes would be taught that prescription drugs are not needed in order to enhance their performances. It would teach them that consuming drugs in large quantities has very negative effects, and that doing so is not fair to the other athletes.
There are many advantages to this proposal. One reason it would be efficient is because directly lessening the amount of prescription drugs that can be bought would be unfair to people who take the
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One disadvantage of this policy is that it undoubtedly would take some time and effort to establish the program, but with the time and effort would come a decrease in the amount of players who ruin their careers due to drugs, which is ultimately the main goal. Another disadvantage to this is that some people would not be completely persuaded by the program, and would get involved with drugs despite their knowing that drugs are not necessary. This would not be too big of an issue, because the amount of people who would take take drugs after learning of the harmful effects that they can have on the body, would be very small. The final disadvantage of the policy is that some young athletes are inspired to take prescription drugs not only because they believe that they can become a better player while on drugs, but also because their parents take prescription drugs. Some athletes may decide that because their parents take drugs, they should take drugs too. This decision would determine whether or not they would go drug-free or not later in their
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