Persuasive Essay: The Use Of Professional Athletes As Role Models

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Professional athletes should be counted as role models because they do so much for their communities and fans. Some donate money to communities, charities, and hospitals.When kids parents are going through something, their sport role models keep them out of trouble and help them strive for greatness. There are many athletes that does more than they have to but they do it cause they love helping others. John Wall(point guard in the NBA ,Washington Wizard) love to help out. he has also been helping out the Washington community by donating over $1 million to the urban community through his charity. He even donated $400,000 to D.C homeless center. He gave to school supplies to the community in Raleigh. So you can’t tell me that athletes are not role models because they do a lot.

Pro athletes shouldn 't be expected to be role models, but today 's athletes need to understand that they are being viewed in a light that is much brighter than before. Athletes are one of the top celebrities and they are prevalent in a youth 's life. According to the article “Professional Athletes Are Role Models” Richard Lowe states that nike commercials has a big influence on kids and when they see athlete in one, they start wanting to be just like them. Michael Jordan occurred in a nike commercial and it had put him in the spotlight. The commercial made him so popular
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Professional Athletes should be recognized as good role models. Some athletes does get in trouble and are bad role models but majority stay out of trouble. When athletes does bad things, it is also a good thing because they can show kids what not to do. Kids go to them for help, guides, and hope. They sometimes invite kids to games to watch them play and they be having a blast. They also be a part of make a wish foundation. Some athletes become really close to them kids and they start calling each other family. I just believe kids have them a role models because they do a lot for them and that 's why, they are my role
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