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Topic Proposal: Prescription Exercise before Prescription Medication Advances in technology and in the medical field are bringing a new round of problems, unnecessary risks. In the last five years, physicians have taken an alternative route to prescription medication. Normal medications come with many side effects which then have to be treated with more medication. Exercise is being used as the new prescription. Doctors are prescribing exercise programs at specific gyms to help promote heath and prevent diseases and disorders such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cardiac arrest in individuals at risk. These gyms comes equip with personal trainers, nutritionists, advisers that create a work out plan designed for the individuals goals, and all the work out equipment needed. It is important for the future of our society and the medical field to be able to create a healthier community of individuals that care for their bodies. As individuals in the United States, we need to come together to have prescription exercise be the first treatment that is tried instead of running to pills because we have access to them. I have personal experience with programs such as these along with academic experience. My junior year in high school I was diagnosed with hypertension, also…show more content…
These companies are here to advance prescription drugs and to make money. They don’t know their costumers personally or their situations. The companies have a lot to lose if physicians start using exercise instead of medications. The people in our society that suffer from obesity, type 2 diabetes, along with many other treatable conditions or those at risk of having some of these diseases in the future, are the target audience The individuals that are willing to try and fully commit to exercise could greatly benefit from it. They could live a healthier, more active

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