The Importance Of Lifetime Sports

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Golf is a sport that youth can begin playing at a very young age and enjoy as a casual and/or competitive activity for the rest of their lives. While having fun playing this lifetime sport, young people learn valuable life lessons in sportsmanship, honesty, patience and integrity and use these attributes in a variety of situations they encounter throughout life. Golf also encourages juniors to set goals and develop communication skills with other players. Overall, junior golf helps shape the lives of junior players on and off the golf course and the lessons learned carry on throughout a lifetime whether they continue to play the sport or not. Lifetime sports as defined by Carol Sarao in her article entitled “What is a Lifetime Sport?” are "physical activities that people can enjoy throughout their lives . . . Another aspect of lifetime sports is that you can continue to develop mastery and skill as you get older with wisdom and experience helping to make up for reduced reflexes and physical abilities" (Sarao 1). Golf is a particularly…show more content…
While the team was originally reluctant, it turned out to be a rewarding and a tremendous learning experience. The team members learned to accept this student and treat him like he was one of their own. He participated in the daily activities of the team as well as being given equal opportunity to participate in qualifying for tournaments. As the season progressed it was very obvious that this student became more comfortable both on the golf course and also around school. It was an eye-opening experience for other team members who were reminded of the simple perks of being a part of a team and how much that may mean to someone who has never had that experience, and may not have ever been able to experience that had the coaches not given this student the opportunity to be a part of

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