Six Different Types Of Bullying In Schools

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Has anyone of you had ever been in a situation where bullying has occurred. I am sure that at least you have witnessed bullying, has been bullied or has bullied someone. So, what is bullying? Bullying is when someone physically, mentally or verbally harms another person on purpose to make them feel bad about themselves or to weaken them. Bullying can occur to anyone and anywhere especially in school. There are six different type of bullying that could be the reason why bullying can occur anytime and everywhere. Physical bullying, being hit, kick, punch by the bully. Verbal bullying, being called name, tease and insulted. Psychological bullying, being threatened or manipulated. Social bullying, having rumours spread about you, being made fun of at…show more content…
Sexual bullying, unwanted touching up against someone or picking on someone due to their sexual preference and lastly, cyber bullying, insulting someone in chat room such as whatsapp group, sending cruel or threatening emails or text messages and spreading rumours via mobile phones and internets. The statement states that bullying is an issue that is difficult to eliminated in schools. In my opinion, I absolutely agree that bullying is one of the issue that is difficult to eliminated in schools. Firstly, the current rules and punishments for bullying in schools are not enough and not enforced. Nowadays, school regulations are too loose and not strict enough to punish students appropriately compare to past years. They often given a light scold without touching or provoke them by the discipline teacher. The bullies often get away with a little scold as the discipline teacher need to follow the Standard Operation Procedure. This light scolding does not affect on them as they will repeat their misbehaviour knowing they can get away easily. Student in this generation are
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