Persuasive Essay: Why Should Schools Start Later?

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Schools around the world should start later because it would help kids get to school on time, improve concentration during class, and it’s better for their health. Most kids hate getting up early- If we started later in the morning, less kids would fall asleep in class and they would be able to concentrate more. Getting up early in the morning is hard. If we started later it would help reduce the amount of tardies students get throughout the year. Students have a hard time getting up in the mornings, but if they had more time to sleep in or more time to get ready in the morning it might help them to get to school on time. Even if school only started 20 or 30 minutes later than usual, that would still give students a little more time in the…show more content…
People need approximately 10 hours of sleep each night. Most teens only get about 7 or even less hours of sleep. If someone doesn’t get enough sleep than their chances of getting sick will improve and their immune system lowers. Sleep can help restore your metabolism and it can help the brain. It can also help to prevent depression, obesity, and even car accidents. Starting later will also help improve concentration. People will be able to sleep in longer and that will help them to concentrate and focus more in school. If someone doesn’t get enough sleep the night before then they aren’t going to want to pay attention in class. They will want to doze off and fall asleep. Getting enough sleep can help teens focus better and help improve homework and school results. Studies have shown that schools starting later has helped in attendance and grades. As I stated before, school starting later will have a good impact on students getting to school on time, improving concentration, and it’s better for their health. There has been studies done to show starting school later helps to improve those things. Schools that start later have had GPA numbers go up, along with grades and homework
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