Persuasive Essay: Who Is Donald Trump?

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For many years the United States has been choosing presidents, some have been great and some have been questionable. Our current president Barack Obama is in his final days of presidency, and now it’s time to decide between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been known for his unruly attitude and ill-mannered behavior, no one has paid close attention till now, and ever since he’s been running as a candidate his behavior is beginning to become uncontainable; Donald trump is not fit to be president, and the majority of America knows it.
As the race for a new president began, all eyes have been on Donald trump. He has been capturing viewers’ attention for a while, he has gained many followers. Why should we support ignorance? Why should we have an unruly president? Donald Trump isn’t even able to unite Americans at his own presidential rallies, so I’m sure he isn’t able to unite the United States. Donald Trump’s motto is “Let’s Make America Great Again”, America cannot be great if our future president isn’t great.
Anyone who follows Donald Trump is a simple weak minded individual. There are many people who support his unruly behavior and they feel that these gestures are just right for the future of America. Donald Trump feels that his mindset will set America back to its original foundation. He disrespects people
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While Trump was speaking, a steady stream of people got up and walked out ( Donald Trump isn’t capturing attention as he usually does but, America is coming to conclusion that he isn’t fit for the presidency. On the same note, according to ( an overwhelming 55% of total respondents said that they could never support
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