Persuasive Essay: Why Animals Live In Zoos

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Why Animals Belong In Zoos

Many might be surprised to know that animals that are raised in zoos live longer than animals that live in the wild. Animals that don’t live in zoos tend to live shorter and come closer to extinction because of other predators and hunters. Because of zoos, we now are able to do more scientific experiments and studies. As referenced in the article “Do Animals Lose In Zoos”, they say that in the past, all zoo animals were treated poorly. Many say that years ago it was a terrible environment for the animals because there would only be a small cage for the animals to walk around in. As the years have past, zoo environments have improved greatly and it is a better choice to put animals in the zoos. Although many people think that animals should stay in the wild, animals should live in zoos because, zoos focus on scientific study and research to help the animals, there is less chance for extinction, and the animals have veterinarians to take care of them when they are sick. Keeping animals from living in zoos is a rather poor choice because, one great way to study many different wild animals that people don’t get to see very often is by going to see them in a zoo. Many different science experimental studies are done when an animal gets sick. Animals such as tigers, crocodiles, and
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Every year, animals in the wild are becoming closer to extinction because of hunters and other predators. When wild animals live in a zoo, they are protected from many harmful thing that could have killed them if they were living in the wild. Though many might argue, keeping animals locked in a cage all of there life would ruin their own protective instincts because they are being hovered, it would still protect the animals from becoming extinct. Therefor, keeping animals in a zoo would be better for their

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