Persuasive Essay: Why Boxing Should Be Banned?

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Boxing is a sport that existed thousands of years to entertain humans. It’s a sport that carried both pain and rush to its athletes giving them both fame and money in the same time. However, boxing as sport never actually elevated since the beginning of time people still go and sit in a large auditorium and pay for tickets to watch the big fight between two individuals who their ultimate goal is to hurt each other in order to win. While some might think our civilized world could rise above this, others oppose them by just referring to this dangerous act as a sport. Clearly boxing is not a sport to be practiced and it has no place in this civilized world because it’s brutal, causes death, and gives false escape to youth. One might not realize the dangers of an occupation before entering it, but the athletes who play boxing are fully aware of how barbaric this sport is. Opposing views claim that boxers are not intended to cause injury to its opponents rather it’s to score as much points as possible. However, looking at the general picture the boxer has to hit different parts of his opponent body in…show more content…
While some might be still ignorant about the dangers of the sport some argue it enhances the self defense techniques in the young children and teaches them discipline. However one cannot deny boxing requires a lot of exercise and training and physical fitness but it also encourages the child to be violent and resolve any problems he has with punching others and not actually fixing their issues by expressing them. Also, it sends an image that hitting people and releasing negative energy can only be achieved by spilling blood, but many others sport achieve the same energy without all the violence such as karate and in taekwondo both sports encourage self-defense and requires psychical fitness
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