Persuasive Essay: Why Children Should Start Later In School

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Kids all over America aren't getting enough sleep and not being able to give there full potential. There has been study's showing that this is affecting the students a lot. This is making kids tired in school so they don't focus as much. Because of the lack of sleep, kids grades are also decreasing. This is affecting there education and could possibly impact there SAT scores ,and maybe even not get them into a college they want to go to. I think schools all over America should change the hours of school and make them start later. So kids can get more sleep and focus and do better in school. One study done states that 60% of kids between the ages of 7-12 feel tired at school. This is because of the lack of sleep. Many of these kids don't get the sleep they need is because of tv. Many kids like to stay up late and watch their favorite show. Others keep it on in there room and watch a movie until they fall asleep. Also another big problem is the Internet and their phones. Kids lay in bed on the Internet watching Netflix or on YouTube. This gives the kids an opportunity to stay up late and not get the sleep they need. This is one example of why kids might be tired in school.…show more content…
A study showed that not enough showed can cause thinking disabilities for the day. An example is speech. When you are tired you don't talk right and mutter. This could be a problem if you have a speech test or talking to friends or teachers. Also it affects your coordination. This is also bad because if you don't have good coordination, and you go to gym, you might fall and get hurt. Also if you are playing a game that involves throwing, and you are tired, your coordination won't be good. This can cause you to miss the ball and have the ball hit you in the face. Then there could possibly be a major injury. That's another reason why schools should start a lot
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