Persuasive Essay: Why People Need To Stop Bullying

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Billy goes to school everyday frightened of what will happen to him because of a kid that won’t stop bullying him. Billy told the teacher and his parents. He thought the kid would stop, but it only made his problem worse for Billy. Now, Billy has to give the kid 5 twinkies each day. Billy feels alone and needs someone to lean on. People like Billy feel like they don’t have a voice to tell someone about someone who is bullying them. Or they don’t want help and think they can face it themselves. Bullying causes people to feel alone, feel depressed and stressed out, and it might cause a child to commit suicide or think about it. It’s hard to face a bully and or tell someone you 're hurting because of a bully.
One reason we need to stop bullying when we see it is because it causes kids to feel all alone.
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It’s hard for children to live when someone is bullying them. They hurt themselves and commit suicide. It’s sad that when parents finds their child dead and don’t understand why they kill themselves. Kids think about these things because they feel like the bully won’t leave them alone and there’s no one to talk to. Most kids who get bullied, feel like committing suicide is the only way for the bully to stop messing with them. Kids shouldn’t feel this way because of a bully, they shouldn’t have to go through this, depending if it only comes down to committing suicide. My opponent would say that some kids that are bullies they just don’t know better or they just need some attention because they don’t have it at home. Well other people would say well they may not have that attention but bullying is not the answer to their problems. You don’t bully someone because of your problems at home. Your embarrassing someone else for a reason that you can fix. Bullies can tell someone about their problems and stop bullying other kids. Their making other kids have problems and doing things that kids shouldn’t

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