Persuasive Essay: Why Chocolate Milk Should Stay In Schools

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All around America, kids drink chocolate milk. Kids love it, but some people want to ban it in schools. Melissa Dobbins, who is a nutritionist thinks chocolate milk is 'nutrition in disguise'. It doesn't have a lot of sugar, it encourages kids to drink more milk, and it provides nutrients that kids need. This will explain why chocolate milk should stay in schools. According to Nutrition in Disguise, chocolate milk only makes up 3% of a child's daily sugar intake. In addition, it has many nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, riboflavin, and niacin. Also chocolate milk has less added sugar compared to other beverages that kids consume that aren't as nearly as healthy as chocolate milk
The next reason is that there are many studies from the Dairy Council of California that indicate when schools get rid of chocolate milk, there is a big drop (35%) in the sale of any type of milk. While you would expect to see the sales of white milk go up once the chocolate milk was removed, two years later it still remained at a lower level. One of the reasons for this is
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Chocolate milk has a non significant amount of sugar, it helps kids drink more milk, and it has calcium that kids need. In addition, when schools get rid of chocolate milk, the kids will drink less healthy sodas and sweetened fruit drinks, which have nowhere near the same nutrients and have more sugar than chocolate milk. Also, children who drink chocolate milk don't consume more fat, sugar, or gain more weight than kids who drink white milk. For the people who are against chocolate milk, is it worth it for kids not to have nutrients and calcium that they need because of a little bit of

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