Essay On College Education Should Be Free

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Emily Lorence sits at her old, rickety desk, staring at a whiteboard that is no longer white. Piles of dust cover every nook and cranny of the classroom. It is the dead heart of winter and Emily’s fingers and toes are turning blue. The cold somehow manages to penetrate through her five layers of clothing. Her school can simply not afford heat to keep their freezing students warm. Emily’s whole body was shivering, she was barely able to move, speak, or write. How was she going to be able to focus on her school work and write an essay that is due by the end of the class period? Emily stares at the other 100 students in the room with their winter hats and gloves on. Emily wonders if coming here for free is really worth all the downfalls. Her peers come and go as they please since they have nothing to lose. However, a college education should never be something taken for granted. If citizens in the United States are given the opportunity to go to college for free, there…show more content…
According to “Civitas Institute”, making college free, means everyone and anyone can go. Specific students normally “skip” college for a reason. Perhaps they aren’t the right personality type personality for the serious academic world. The high school pupil that fails classes and does not complete homework assignments is someone who should not attend college. Those kinds of students will take up space and over populate the classrooms and lecture halls. Consequently, lessons will not be as effective when there are too many students for one instructor to handle ( Simply put, too many students will crowd and disrupt the learning environment for the entire group. The chance of students being distracted during class can increase and take away from other who truly long to be there. In the end, college should not be gratise since it is not a good fit for
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