Why Do Dinosaurs Be Extinct

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Have you ever thought that why did the dinosaurs go extinct. Have you ever thought who made the dinosaurs go extinct. First it was not us humans. Well let 's say because a meteor some say from hunting. But for real, no one knows. But right now that is happening to our world. more than 5000 species went extinct and because is humans yes you and me. Like bees if they die who will pollinate and if no one pollinates the plants will die. it is a big thing. Why are the animals going extinct. This is what i am going to be writing about to day. Why are animals going extinct. Well it is about 3 things that us humans do. It might not look like we do anything to animals, but it is true. We do them a lot of harm. There is a main reason why and that is…show more content…
You might be thinking why global warming. It has nothing to do well if you think about it, in the old times it was cool and warm but now it is dry and hot. imagine yourself in a room no air conditioner no fan it will be nice for you to live in but if you turn on the heater it will be super hot. you will not like to live in a hot place. But if you turn on the fan it will be cold this is what is happening to the habitats of animals they are changing climate. Like the example you will not like to live in a hot pace either a cold place. You will like to live in a warm place. The place that will change is antarctica. It is a cold place, perfect for polar bears and other animals. But unless we are creating a lot of pollution global warming gets stronger and hotter. They will not know hot to live in a hot place. The temperature that they live in cannot change if so it will make a lot of species die and go extinct. We are also putting ourselves in danger. We are turing lake to ponds and ponds to puddles and puddles to, nothing. We are also turning rivers into streama and then into nothing. Then we will not have any water. This is how animals are feeling not only in the arctic but also in forests,deserts,and flat lands. Just imagine a world with no snow. No water. We will all

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