Persuasive Essay: Why Do People Smoking?

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Why do people smoke? What is smoking? Smoking is a habit of inhaling and exhaling smoke from burning tobacco. The use of tobacco in general can be practiced using cigarettes, pipes, or simply taking tobacco smoke into the mouth. Today, numerous amounts of people practice this habit on a daily basis. “Why do people smoke?” is a question asked among various people, including myself. I am curious to know the story behind every addicted smoker and why people cannot put on end to this habit. Also, why does a person who is trying to cut down smoking experience many mood swings, such as grumpiness and uncontrolled anger. This particular topic was chosen because it is upsetting to me. What upsets me is watching people, especially teens that smoke and cause severe damage to their bodies. I also want to know how this habit is triggered, when the majority is aware of how dangerous smoking is. The answer to this epidemic is divided into two parts, one for teens and the other for adults. The reasons as to why teenagers’ smoke is in order to look mature and experience something prohibited. Another reason is peer pressure and the influence of family members who smoke. Furthermore, the reason as to why adults smoke has to do with personal, financial problems, and stress. These are the major reasons as to why teenagers and adults smoke. I am supporting my response using literature.

Tobacco was growing wild in the Americas for approximately 80000 years. When tobacco was 2000 years

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