Persuasive Essay: Why Do People Watching Movies?

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Why do people watch movies? Nowadays access to the movies became much easier, either by going to the cinema or watching online. Cinema brings to people what they want in their lives: love, emotion, extravagance, adventure, seduction, eroticism… One forgets “reality” for a few hours to be drawn into a fictional story. It is worth forgetting the world and our problems for at least two hours to follow other fictional problems. As with tourism, people need to put aside their routines, at least for a few moments to allow them to restructure (Krippendorf, 1987) This pseudo reality created by films is exploited by various media through advertising, promotional artifices used in persuasion in order to influence consumption of products, for instance a holiday.…show more content…
Thus either they give us new perspective or prod us to ponder over these aspects. 3) Movies as window to the world Movies provide information thereby quenching our curiosity on the subject in question. Needless to say these functions are overlap. Perhaps the true movie-magic lies somewhere at the intersection of these functions. TV lacks the immersive experience which movies provide. Having said that in my opinion TV indeed has diminished the charm of movies if we compare the craze for movies in early era The answer is beautifully summarized by Academy Award winner actor Jack Nicholsen, in one of his speech during Oscar award ceremony, “… they entertain us; they offer hopes (and) give traumas; they take us places, we never been, just even for few moments; they can take us away, when we want to get away; Movies inspire us; they challenge us and despite our differences, they are (the) common link to humanity, in all of us.” In my opinion, this statement is the true reflection of the reason, why people love to watch movies. Movies are the mechanism, which allow us to escape, but it’s more than simple

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