Persuasive Essay: Why Do School Dress Codes?

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School dress codes. One of the most implemented school policies. Every person has a standpoint about what is too short and what is too tight. The question is, do school dress codes unfairly target girls? Absolutely!! Might as well make us wear uniforms if all their worried about is a girl’s shoulder being too sexy. For this problem to be resolved, I think it’s best to conduct a survey to find out what students think about school dress code. Distribute the survey to friends and classmates and compile and share results, along with recommendations. If you fail to follow your schools dress code, girls are most likely sent to put on a pair of oversized basketball shorts as to where the hooligans that where their pants around their ankles are to…show more content…
Some may argue and say school dress codes are a way to teach students the importance of a respectable appearance which is a lesson that can positively impact their self-respect and self-esteem, will instill discipline, and can promote better behavior. To an extent I agree, but let’s be real… administration is going too far! Unfortunately, there is no other way to say this… but you are idiotic if you can sit there and believe that a kid’s actions are based off the clothing that they put on their body.
As for the teachers I understand rules are rules, and students must follow them regardless of whether they want to. School dress codes seem to be largely based upon the idea that there is something inherently risky or dangerous about young women’s bodies, at least that’s how the adults act. Students will have a more realistic view of the world; young girls will no longer feel that they are the reason behind a teenage boy’s hormones, and they will be able to express their individualities.
Now I’m not saying to walk into school as if you are a hooters employee but dress yourself in the way that expresses you. We should be able to feel comfortable on school grounds, were judged everyday by our peers and the last thing young teenage girls want is to be judged by

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