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1.Why do you deserve this scholarship?
Another step to advance in my education, another step to succeed in life, another step to an opening of endless opportunities brings me to the conclusion that obtaining a college degree is where I want to be for the next four years. Of Course like everyone else, I have only dreams and aspirations to live by but the slight difference between everyone else and I is the drive I have, the pure perseverance I retain, and the curiousity I wish to fulfill. That is why I deserve this scholarship. This scholarship can help me along the way to financially develop me into a potential future leader. I want to further discover myself and what I’m more than capable of becoming, with this scholarship I can leave Hawaii, the place I’ve resided since the day I was born, and take that step to opening more academic opportunities I wouldn 't have if I stayed here on the Island. The global economy is becoming more competitive, and in order for me to have a
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So many fast food chain restaurants are stacking up in communal areas, not enough healthy food options are an available for many of the children here in Hawaii. From Burgers, to sugary drinks, and french fries they are limited to so little healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. But it isn’t their fault. Everyday after school kids are hungry and the only thing available to them is cheap filling fast food or the Manapua truck. The first step to solve this problem, start with awaring parents about the dangers and potential health risks children are exposed to if they continue to eat unhealthy. Then, I would focus on guiding parents to the right diets and food choices that can be easy and fun to make with their children. For example apples and peanut butter, yogurt and a hearty salad could be a meal made for children. Meals like these will make children feel and be more energetic, and in the long run be healthier than

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