Persuasive Essay: Why Footballers Should Be Paid

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In my persuasive essay i will be talking about footballers wages. Many people believe that they are paid too much for kicking a ball about for a few hours a week but on the other hand, this can be argued as they have put lots of effort and hours hard work in everyday to become the best they can be so should they have as high a wage as they do?

Firstly,some of the most famous footballers are paid massive amounts of money each year for example, Ronaldo gets paid £288,000 per week which is £15 million each year and on average a doctor only gets £37,547 to £70,000 each year which is 3 times less than a footballers wage and footballers only kick a ball about for a few hourss a week but doctors save people lives each day and there is some footballers who do nothing just as footballer Radamel Falcao who gets paid a whopping amount of £341,00 each week for doing nothing as he has only made 10 apperances for Chelsea 9 of which came from the bench. Some people believe that they deserve their high wage as they have put lots of effort and hard work into the footballer they are today.
Secondly, there are lots of people dying in poorer countries but there are footballers who waste stupendous amounts of money of things they do not need such as footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he
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They are also under a lot of pressure from the fans as some footballers play in front of 60,000 people and they have to be focus at all times as if they make an error it could cost them the game and would be all over the media which could put their confidence down and could result in the end of a footballers career. The public also argue about the fact that no public money pays for their wages it is in fact paid by advertisements so some people dont care that they get paid that
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