Persuasive Essay: Why Hockey Should Allow Fighting

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Why Hockey Should Allow Fighting The professional hockey league should allow players fight. This has been a long standing debate especially for the National Hockey League (NHL). Some administrators see it as unnecessary; some fans just want to see the teams play actually hockey; but many people feel that hockey would not be the same without the fighting. Players have said that fighting is fun, but actually part of the game. You have different jobs like the skilled positions or like the position of enforcer a.k.a. the fighter. The guys who you usually see slamming other guys in the walls are the enforcers or the guys who more often than not start the fights. They are also called “heavyweights” sometimes because they are the bigger guys who end up fighting and knocking each other out. “Punching your…show more content…
Now that is a whole different story! The players should be able to let their anger out. It is good for the soul! If a fight was to get too serious the referees would soon break it up or at least try, and there would be players penalized, and possibly kicked out of the match for good. If the players get into it and they stay on their feet usually refs will not break it up quite yet. The referees will come in whenever they think it is necessary, but that is usually when the players slip, or there is serious harm coming to one of the players. The hockey match does get stopped when there is a fight going on, and most of the times the sport announcers will hype the fight up telling the viewers each player’s name and what is going on in the fight. The game can be halted even longer though if the teams clear the benches and raid the rink. That does happen occasionally, but not too often. This would happen if a fight broke out and maybe someone gave another player on the opposing team a cheap shot and their team did not like it so

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