Argumentative Essay On The Importance Of Homework In Schools

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Michael puts on his backpack and heads out the door. He is very excited for his first day of high school because he likes school. He likes hanging out with his friends and the teachers he got this year. Michael went to school that day excited but came home stressed out. He received tons of homework just on the first day of school. In addition, he had basketball practice after school. Not to mention, it was his mother’s birthday today. Michael had to fight all of this in one day which is almost impossible for Mike to do. That day, Mike went to bed at 1:00 o’clock because that is when he finished his homework. He barely woke up the next morning, had bags under his eyes, had a headache from lack of sleep, and he could not even think straight.…show more content…
Unhealthy problems is an effect of kids doing too much homework for too long, students have to complete all of their homework in just a limited amount of time, and less time for family and extracurricular activities and family and friends is created because of homework. If homework continues to increase through the years, students will go through a midlife crisis! They will not be able to handle all of the pressure and who knows what the students will do with all of this homework on their backs. Remember back to Michael. He was stressed out from all of the homework he had received from school, though, he went to school excited. He also had other activities to do and think about. He had basketball practice after school and it was his mother’s birthday. He even started to lose weight because of the time he was going to bed. This is occurring to plenty of students all because of homework. We need to stop this! We all need to take a stand. Students, parents, guardians, teachers who do not believe in homework, write an email to your school counselor saying how homework is unnecessary. Homework should be banned in schools. Together we can team up and defeat the district to discontinue the act of assigning homework to the students. Homework is nonessential to students and should not to be allowed in
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