Persuasive Essay: Why Hunting Should Be Banned?

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Guns are so loud, do to that hunting is one of the main causes of going deaf. That would be a very good reason to ban hunting just because of that. If you did not have hearing you would not be able to do many things. Hearing is one of the most important things to protect. I think that hunting should be banned because these all makes sense for that to happen. Hunter 's after they kill animals can get them stuffed or the head put on a plaque on the wall. These seem to be trophies or a reward to them. Hunters use them as trophies, they don 't even care about the food from the Animal. Hunters want people to believe that killing animals equals population control. Population control is still killing. Maybe some animals can get taken to another place or country, not being killed. If there are ways to keep animals from getting killed, don 't you think we should learn them? Well one way is obviously been hunting! Animals get shot at but don 't always die. They get shot and wounded and they have a long and miserable painful death. People do not want to see the innocent animals be wounded and have to suffer! People who are for hunting are people who agree with the hunting rights or obviously Hunters agree with them too. Hunter 's nowadays classify hunting as a sport. People who are against hate it. There was a total of 79 annual licenses were granted last year to application seeking to engage in trail hunting on trustworthy lands. It is good only 79 people got granted annual licenses.

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