Personal Narrative: How Cell Phones Changed My Life

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It was early August on a bright, sunny, day when I was about twelve years, I was in middle school and you know when you're in middle school, every teen, wants a cell phone. Well, that was true because, all of my friends at my school had cell phones and not me and for myself I thought it was fine because I was so young but at the same time I really wanted one. The cell phone that i wanted was the iPhone, I wanted one of those because it was the most popular devices. I always told my parents about it all the time, but they always told me to do chores or else it would not happen. I went to the restroom and I was talking to myself softly and stared at the mirror for a while, should I do it? All m friends were really fortunate because they all…show more content…
I knew getting an iPhone was going to be very difficult and strenuous. My friends kept wanting to hang out with me, but i could not because i was too occupied cleaning to earn money in order to buy an iPhone. I kept working so hard, mostly everyday, I was devastated. Helping out my parents was really tough, they told me to do, take the dog for a walk, cleaning the bathrooms and wash the car. It was an extreme work but i realize it was worth it because i just wanted a phone so bad. So, I have been cleaning my butt off, since the past two months. One day, my parents told me, “Here’s hundred dollars, you have been working so much and we are proud of you”. I thought they were going to tell mem, let's go to the store but I thought wrong. I thought to myself, I had to earn money, in order to buy a iPhone, but I told my parents thanks for the money. They told me “if you keeping doing what your doing, you will be getting allowances each month”. So I told myself, “Time to save up, I can do it”. I kept working so hard for the iPhone that I wanted and wasn't going to give up. Every morning, through Monday to Friday I went to school, I went to school but after when I got out from school, I had to
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