Persuasive Essay: Why I Want To Become A Coach

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You decided to become a coach because you are driven to serve. You want to help people achieve their goals and dreams. You want to live a life of passion and purpose. You want the freedom of being paid to do what you love to do. These are awesome reasons to become a coach and you certainly have your heart in the right place. But I’m going to give it to you straight: that’s not enough. Wanting to be a coach and then actually gaining the experience or certification to call yourself a coach… That’s not enough either. The reason I say this? There are way too many good coaches out there who nobody has ever heard of. I’d even say that some of these unknowns are exceptional. If you really want to be a coach who creates change, if you want …show more content…

Your blog posts, social media posts, newsletters or any kind of interaction with others, need to be authentic. The world needs to see and hear you. The real you. Not someone who’s intent on following the voice, style and formula of a “guru”. Don’t try to be the “next Tony Robbins” or the “next Brendon Burchard” or whoever you look up to and admire. Learn from the greats, adopt their success principles if you want to but don’t aim to be exactly like them. You need to be you because there is no one else quite like you. Your life experiences, your personality and the way you see the world — these are unique. You are unique. There’s only one of you in the world so you will be stand out when you’re being yourself. If you try to be someone else, you’re diluting the power of your authenticity. You’ll be one among many. You’ll melt into the crowd. So be yourself. It’s one of the most powerful ways to stand out. When you get your message out there and people start to listen, all sorts of doors will open and a whole world of opportunity will appear. You’ll receive the attention that you deserve and the income that you’ve wanted all this

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