Why Do Homework Should Be Banned

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A very good morning to everyone of you. My name is Connie. Of course, assignments will always be compulsory for the students in their whole education life. I am pretty sure that everyone of you will face the same struggle and stress to finish all these assignments. Now, I would like to ask you a question, do you really think that all of these assignments is necessary for students? In fact, in 1901, they even established a law in California to limit the amount of homework that teachers could assign. Hence, in my opinion, I strongly believe that assignments should be banned! And now, I’ll like to tell you the reasons that why assignments should be banned!

First of all, we can’t really get any academic benefits from assignments. Why would I say so? In 2013, a study was carried out by an Indiana University researcher which named Adam Maltese. The study is to figure out the relationship between homework for high school students and performance on their tests. Yet in that study, he also found a little correlation between more homework and better math and science grades. At last, he end up with a conclusion that perhaps homework “is not being used as well as it could be”. In fact, countries that assign more homework don’t see to perform any better than those with less homework.
A Stanford study found that, little homework was assigned in counties like Japan, Denmark, and the Czech Republic yet
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Assignments will not only bring along stress and occupying too much of their free time, it may also let students less interested about a subject. Of course, I know that it won’t be easy to ban the assignments in the education system nowadays. Perhaps ,it is more better to replace assignments with useful tutorial class so that the students can straightly do the exercise in the class with the lecturer and get discussion right on the spot. Thank
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