Definition Essay: Love Makes A Cruel Part Of Life

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Love is so tormenting that pain becomes part of one's regular life once it happens. Ironically, everyone looks for love so that they can find happiness, but mostly they end up losing themselves to an unattended & cruel world where no one cares about them. Even the one to whom you have lost every happiness of your life, he/she would become stranger all of a sudden. For one moment, everything seems unworthy and waste. At that moment, life hits you hard and reality comes into the picture that nothing is permanent in life. That's a bitter truth! Why love asks for sacrifices? Lots of people lose their loved ones who they never thought would ever leave them and sometimes they get back those who they thought would never come back. In this whole process, love imprints pain permanently somewhere deep in your soul. This Pain kills everything and for some who gain through this pain live with strength, else culminate their love for anyone for whole life…show more content…
If you get your love, then the journey becomes heaven, otherwise, it becomes hell. Ask those who didn't get their love due to stupid reasons and left everything by saying that love demands pain. Love could be one sided, but what about that person who is sacrificing everything for another person who would never get to know about the real state of one who is sacrificing. This is a real face of love. It's heart-wrenching that mostly you won't get that person with whom you're in love and have to smile so that the other person can move on. Sometimes a feeling of talking to that person who left you comes into mind, but then mind says what the hell! but heart says that where is the harm? This game will never end between mind and heart. Love is very difficult to understand, so let it be the way it is. At the end, make sure if someone is deeply in love with you then you have to make sure that he/she should be with you whatever
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