Persuasive Essay: Why Marching Band Is A Sport

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It is extremely irritating when people do not recognize all the sports that are out there. Sure, there are a lot of them but if we can consider cheerleading a sport then I think that we can call marching band a sport. People do not understand why I am so easily annoyed when they diss this great sport. Marching band is the place where the intelligent students are. Musicians are “great problem solvers in school and social situations” because they have a stronger corpus callosum, the part of the brain that connects the two halves.(Berman) When an outsider joins band their minds are opened into a whole new world. This is because when a person is making music there is not only one place in the brain that is being activated. A musician is using parts of the brain that have to do with the visual, auditory, and motor functions of the brain. People who play a musical instrument are working multiple parts of their brain at once making it easier for them to remember information more. Think about it, a person who is in a band class, or any musical class for that matter, usually has high grades and is good at…show more content…
There are many people who have been injured for mistakes made on the field. It is an extremely physically demanding sport. Marching band’s physical demands “are most similar to track athletes; additionally, so are their injuries,” according to Dr. Craig Bales.(Greenwald-Gonella) He worked with several drum corporations. Their injuries are so similar because both sports require a ton of leg work to move from one position to another on the field. Marching band is physically tiring as well. After only a practice, “more than 95 percent of surveyed band members reported muscle soreness or stiffness…” and “more than 38 percent said they had suffered an injury as a direct result of participating in marching band”. (ACSM news) If this does not prove that it is physically challenging to one’s body then think
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