Persuasive Essay: Why Marching Band Is Not A Sport

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Marching band a sport? Many people would say that is a crazy idea while others may understand it completely. Marching band is playing a musical instrument while marching a certain way to a tempo. Marching band is a form of entertainment that competes at competitions against other marching bands. Myself, knowing what marching band is and how it works from personal experience, marching band should be considered a sport. One reason that can prove marching band should be considered a sport is that it, like other sports, is physically active. Some people may believe that marching band should not be considered a sport because marching band does not require physical skill that other sports do, like tennis or soccer. (…show more content…
Others may argue that marching band is not a sport because it may need physical skill although it is like playing frisbee with a dog and that is not a sport. ( Except, first of all, frisbee with a dog is completely different. You just do it. There are not hour after hour practices. Plus, there are no competitions when playing frisbee with a dog. While marching bands compete at invitationals, which have judges, that give scores. Based off of the dictionary it explains the word sport as, “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” This definition of the word sport just like other definitions has marching band fit in the sport category. The definition includes an activity that contains a team that competes against other teams for entertainment. That should include marching band. Marching band is a team and marching bands that compete for
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