Importance Of Swimming Essay

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There is literally tons of reasons why people go swimming. Some people do it as a sport, like the American Olympian, Michael Phelps, who basically dedicated a couple of years of his life for swimming while taking home gold medals for his county. Some people swim for fun, especially during the summer. Beaches and resorts are always packed so some people also use this as a form of business, just like lifeguards, whose job is to rescue people who couldn 't swim or are having trouble swimming. This leads to safety, it is very important to know how to swim for survival, it is best to make sure your child learns how to swim at an early age so that no matter what happens, they would have knowledge about it. However, one of the most significant reasons why people go swimming is lose a couple of pounds, because swimming is one of the best exercises you should try if you want to lose weight. This is for people who loves water and hates getting sweaty from working out so here is a guide on how exactly you could go swimming to lose a few pounds.

#1 Swimming Location

If you have a pool at home, this is totally perfect for you and who don 't need to worry about picking a place to swim, however, if you want to do some laps, an Olympic size pool would probably be a the best option since
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Try doing it once a week for you to adjust easily, and slowly, after like a month, you can start doing it two to three times a week. Remember that this is a commitment so that would mean you have to discipline yourself when it comes swimming, like you have to prioritize it now and be consistent. If you miss your swimming schedule once, it might turn into two times and so on, you will notice that you 're no longer committed to this type of weight loss journey. Be sure to remind yourself by putting it on your planner or phone calendar so that you wouldn 't
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